Falsely Accused Of Stalking or Harrasment

A Course On How to Fight A FALSE Accusation Of Civil Or Criminal Stalking

In this course I will teach how one should respond to a criminal or civil stalking or harassment charge when the allegations are either exaggerated or completely fabricated by the accuser.

Some free advice first.

A temporary stalking order is a civil matter. The judge will have a discussion in court with you and the petitioner and determine if it should be made permanent.

If you make contact with the petitioner in ANY manner after you received the temporary order……the “contempt of court” (disobeying the court order) will then be a CRIMINAL matter and you could go to jail AND pay a hefty fine. 


Then you will have 2 hearings. One for the civil matter and one for the criminal matter if the District attorney wants to press charges against you. Sometimes the District Attorney will wait to see what the civil court orders to add it to your criminal charges.

So, my advice is to LET IT GO!!! Do not communicate in ANY manner until the civil court dismisses the case. If you see them anywhere such as a bar or downtown…run away! If you left your motorcycle at their place….have the sheriff or an attorney get it for you. If you left your clothes there…get new ones.

Especially do not survell them with recording devices or cameras. Do not hang out in front of their house waiting for them so that you can try and convince them to change their mind. Do not contact them at work.

All it takes in court for them to win is for them to say that they or their family member were AFRAID of you.

What the judge wants to see from you is that you are a LAW-ABIDING PERSON.

Why you need to fight this

If you fail to show up to the contested hearing, the judge can issue a warrant for your arrest, continue the temporary order and set another contested hearing, or grant a permanent order.

Respondents often make the mistake of not showing up to the hearing, particularly if they have ended the relationship with the petitioner. There are several reasons why you don’t want to make this mistake, including:

  • A Stalking No Contact Order/Order of Protection, if it is granted, may later serve as the basis for an actual criminal charge for violation of that order.
  • You could be ordered to vacate your own home.
  • You could be prevented from coming near or contacting your own children.
  • You could be prevented from owning or purchasing a firearm.
  • If you are not a United States citizen, you could be prevented from ever becoming one.
  • You could be denied housing or disqualified from future employment opportunities.

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Below is what the course covers.

  • This course will teach you how to get a contempt of court dismissed and
  • It also teaches you how to win against a false stalking order charge.




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