Why Do People Use Stalking Orders Falsely?

Sad to say, but, most false stalking order petitions are filed by women.

The burden of proof to obtain a temporary Stalking order is fairly low, so it’s a quick, cheap way to retaliate or create drama in the midst of an already tense situation, such as a divorce or domestic dispute. Some reasons women make up false allegations to get a stalking order are:

  • To force a man to move out of a home
  • To allow a boyfriend to move into a home easily without a fight
  • To take away a man’s rights to see his children—sometimes permanently
  • To cause a man to lose his home
  • To disarm a man for a length of time (depending on the state you live in)
  • To get the upper hand in a divorce case
  • The satisfaction of getting revenge

The thing that keeps women unafraid of being caught in these lies and false accusations that they are making under oath is that many district attorneys don’t prosecute perjury.